Do You Want To Finally Understand Your 
Dog's Cancer?  

You can't change the diagnosis 
but you can often change the outcome.

Empower yourself with our online program, developed for dog owners just like you.

Get answers from someone who treats dog cancer every day.  A dog cancer expert. 

I want you to avoid mistakes I see other pet parents make every day. Expensive mistakes that sometimes shorten dogs' lives. You LOVE your dog. You want to know the best options for him. I understand. That's why I created The Dog Cancer Roadmap - The Complete A-Z Guide for Navigating A Cancer Diagnosis In Your Beloved Dog.

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Dog diagnosed with cancer? It’s awful. But just imagine how much better you’d feel if you were able to...

  • Look at your dog and know if she’s in pain, feeling nauseous or needs extra support (and how to give it to her!)
  • Show up to veterinary visits well-informed and able to make bold choices
  • Feel confident you had all the tools you need to co-create a treatment plan with your vet
  • Know what the next few months of your life might look like after cancer treatment begins

That’s what is possible for you when you have The Dog Cancer Roadmap in your hands.


The Dog Cancer Roadmap

The Complete A-Z Guide for Navigating A Cancer 
Diagnosis In Your Beloved Dog

Hi, I'm Dr. Lori...

Every day I treat dogs with cancer and I've been doing it for the last 10 years.  

Cancer that is considered uncommon or rare does not feel that way to me because I am commonly referred the uncommon cases!

As a board-certified veterinary oncologist,  my goal is to figure out the best options for each patient, then help their family choose what feels right for them. 

These are not easy decisions, but they're made easier with the right information and guidance.

Let's get you answers, increase your knowledge, and help you move forward with the The Dog Cancer Roadmap program.

Office Hours! Just Added!

Have a question for me? Perfect! We'll gather every other week for live Q&A! These Office Hours are an amazing supplement to the Roadmap Program. I'm excited to be able to now offer them with The Roadmap!

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Here's What You Might Not Know

Every cancer is different & your dog is unique! We need to know the type of cancer present, the health of your dog, if cancer has spread...then an oncologist can determine: Is surgery necessary? Will chemo help? Are more tests needed before treatment begins?

Cut Through The Confusion

Tired of laying in bed wondering what the future holds, how your dog feels, or what to do next? Get the knowledge needed to make the best decisions for your dog from someone who exclusively treats cancer.

Guide You Towards The Right Decision For You And Your Dog
Cancer treatment is not one-size-fits-all. Every dog and every dog's cancer is different. I find that once people understand the specific options for their dog, there is a huge sense of relief and the "right" choice for them becomes more clear. 

Give You ALL The Options
Were you told there was no hope for your pup? Family vets learn oncology in about 8 hours. An oncologist dedicates 4-5 years to oncology training and then spends every day afterwards treating cancer patients. We have options when others don't. Don't give up before you've heard from an expert.

"Dr. Cesario has been a tremendous blessing to us providing knowledge, support and guidance as our beloved Martha fights cancer. She truly cares about helping us make sure Martha is living the best quality life possible for as long as possible. We couldn’t get through it without her."

– Angela & Jallah Griffith

Join The Dog Cancer Roadmap today
and receive...


(a $2997 value)

Understand what's needed to provide the best care for your best friend.

  • A comprehensive online program provide education for folks going through a recent dog cancer diagnosis
  • 5 video modules featuring the latest in dog cancer, taught by Board Certified Veterinary Oncologist, Dr. Lori Cesario
  • A total of 22 lessons containing everything you need to know, in bite-sized easy-to-understand video instruction
  • Immediate and lifetime access to all content, which is regularly updated when new research and treatments become available
  • 11 handouts and guides to help you dive deeper into the content
  • BONUS - MEMBERS ONLY Facebook group access!
  • BONUS - Dr. Lori's Quality of Life Assessment Guide and Good Days Bad Days Calendar!

Are you ready to FINALLY have more answers than questions?

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"We fell in love with this little girl and adopted her 11-2-18. Our Vet discovered Leukemia on routine bloodwork. We joined The Dog Cancer Roadmap so we could learn about canine cancer and discovered a rare gem. We learned so much from the course. The best part however was that Dr. Cesario also gave us her time and expertise. She put our minds at ease. We felt that we had a dear knowledgeable and compassionate friend at our side every step of the way. Penny went on chemo and tolerated it without any trouble. We are thrilled to report that our beloved Penny is off chemo and in remission. "

Beth & Stan S.

Take A Peek Inside The Roadmap:

- Understand how to quickly & accurately diagnose cancer
- 10 key factors that increase cancer risk (so you can help prevent cancer)
- How to know if cancer has spread and if surgery is wise or should be avoided
- Chemotherapy: Will it make your dog sick? Will it work? All you need to know
- Radiation & electrochemo—understand these treatments & how they can help 
- Learn how to help prevent cancer from returning
- Learn holistic treatments that may help fight cancer

- Lymphoma, mast cell tumor, osteosarcoma, soft tissue sarcoma, and hemangiosarcoma
- The signs of these cancers, diagnosis, treatment options, how long a patient will live with each treatment
- How to increase the chances that your dog will have the best outcome with one of these cancers
- How to recognize and treat nausea, diarrhea and pain 
- How to improve your dog's quality of life
- Palliative care: What is it and is it right for your dog?
- Nutrition advice for dogs with cancer
- Learn how to assess quality of life and determine when saying goodbye is best
- What to expect with euthanasia and options for end-of-life care
- How to readjust to life after a dog has passed
- Your 11 downloads (guides, reference material, handouts) live here!

"Dr. Cesario was our oncologist for two of our dogs with serious cancer. She explained the diseases in depth so that we could understand, and she explored many different solutions and new treatments. We will be forever grateful."

– Bill & Linda Friend

4 Reasons Most Dogs With Cancer Don't Live As Long As They Should

Reason 01


If a dog has a skin mass, we can't assume it's benign. Have it sampled and get an accurate diagnosis ASAP (I show you how to do this in The Roadmap!).  I routinely see families that were told to monitor a tumor that was presumed benign because it "looked" like a lipoma - does this sound familiar? It's heartbreaking when not only is the tumor cancerous but it has spread to another organ. Always start with an accurate diagnosis.

Reason 02


Were you under the impression that surgery was successful but then realized it wasn't when the tumor grew back quickly? There is a certain amount of expertise needed to interpret biopsy reports to predict if a tumor will return or spread to another organ. Having this information is essential - this is how we decide if follow up treatment is needed to help prevent cancer from returning. The Roadmap will teach you how to interpret the biopsy report AND how we determine if cancer might return.

Reason 03


Veterinary medicine is specialized now. I am certainly not up to date on the latest flea & tick preventatives just like your family vet is unlikely to be up to date on the latest cancer treatments. If you want the latest in cancer care, let an oncologist guide you so you can make the most educated decisions for your dog. Keep an open mind - cancer treatments for dogs are VERY different than for people. Learn details of all of the latest treatments in The Roadmap. 

Reason 04


Palliative care involves making sure a dog is as comfortable as possible. This involves treating discomfort from arthritis as much as it involves treating symptoms of cancer. Dogs that are more comfortable and have a better quality of life will live longer, regardless of their diagnosis. Learn how to ensure that your dog is as comfortable as possible in The Roadmap.

The Dog Cancer Roadmap

Well hello there! Let's talk about how The Dog Cancer Roadmap can help you and your dog.


"In April of 2019, I had the unfortunate situation where 2 of our dogs were diagnosed with metastatic cancer within 2 weeks of each other. Nine year old retired racing greyhound, Higgens (osteosarcoma) and five year old Flat-Coated Retriever, Delaney (hemophagocytic histiocytic sarcoma). They underwent treatment with Dr. Cesario at the same time. And, sadly, they died in June of 2019, within 2 weeks of each other. During that time I learned of The Dog Cancer Roadmap and signed up. What a wonderful resource for pet owners whose dogs have cancer. It’s a comprehensive source of information that a pet owner needs to understand cancer, diagnosis, treatment options, and home care. The lectures are broken into small segments and Dr. Cesario explains everything in easily understandable language. This was, and still is, an invaluable resource to me. "

Cindy S.

The Dog Cancer Roadmap

Finally understand your dog's cancer so you can feel confident that you're making the best decisions using The Dog Cancer Roadmap as your guide! 

Office Hours! Just Added!

To facilitate your understanding of canine cancer and help you get the MOST out of The Roadmap, I will now hold live Q&A every other week! We'll even record the sessions in case you can't attend. I'm incredibly excited to offer this new feature, which has a value of more than $997 alone!

Choose the pricing plan that works best for you.


"We are truly grateful for Dr. Cesario’s work with our beloved pit mix, Bristow. When Bristow lost her leg to osteosarcoma in 2015 at age 11, we didn’t know how much time we would have left with her. Dr. Cesario walked us through options in a hopeful but realistic manner. Bristow has exceeded all of our expectations. We’re blessed to have had a caring and skillful oncologist like Dr. Cesario supporting her! "

- Mike Loretto & Sarah D. Williams

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions other dog lovers have asked before investing

This complete Dog Cancer Roadmap program consists of 5 hours of video taught over 22 lessons and divided into 5 modules (slide decks designed and narrated by board-certified veterinary oncologist, Dr. Lori Cesario) as well as 11 PDF handouts and Reference guides, which supplement many lessons.

The program also includes office hours (live Q&A) every other week with Dr. Cesario. 

You will be able to submit questions in advance and she will answer them during the live Q&A.

Please feel free to email with any questions about our products. You can name the subject 'Product Question' so it gets our attention.

This program is for anyone who wants to learn about canine cancer from a canine cancer expert. It is also for folks that want to determine if their dog is receiving adequate cancer care, and want to learn how to assess if their dog is in pain or has an adequate quality of life. 

If your dog has already been diagnosed with cancer and given a poor prognosis, the goal of using The Dog Cancer Roadmap course material would be to (1) help determine if there might be additional treatment options that your care provider has not thought of, which may help your dog live longer, and (2) to ensure that during his remaining months, your dog has as good a quality of life as possible. So yes, if your dog has been given a poor prognosis, this course can still be helpful to you.

One of the goals of this Program is to help you learn the appropriate steps to take before initiating treatment so that money and time are not wasted on unnecessary treatments that will not help your dog (and that might worsen his prognosis).

Gaining knowledge about cancer and quality of life is one of the best things you can do for your dog.

The Dog Cancer Roadmap program should be used as a supplement to veterinary oncologist care when possible for the best outcome.

As part of the program, we offer Office Hours every other week. You can submit questions on canine cancer in advance and Dr. Cesario will answer your questions.

Since I have not been able to evaluate your dog and do not have a veterinary-client-patient relationship, I will not be able to give specific medical advice (such as drug dosing).  

If you have a question about this, please feel free to reach out to

The Dog Cancer Roadmap program can be an excellent resource even if you already have a veterinarian that you trust.

One goal of the program is to make sure that you have an excellent understanding of your dog’s cancer - we include a PDF handout with questions to ask your vet to make sure you have a very good handle on the disease, treatment options, and what to expect.

Some vets have more knowledge about dog cancer than others, so you will gain information in this program to let you know if your dog’s treatment is on target or if adjustments may help him live longer.

This program focuses on Western medicine. We provide information on integrative treatments where there is published peer-reviewed veterinary literature to support their use.

There is a significant focus on how to recognize signs of discomfort, pain and nausea in dogs, and how to know if your dog has an adequate quality of life, which is invaluable information for any dog owner, regardless of their treatment philosophies.

If your dog has not been diagnosed with cancer but you think that he may have cancer, The Dog Cancer Roadmap can guide you through (1) which tests are needed to make a cancer diagnosis (2) what are the most common signs associated with various cancers (3) what type of work-up needs to be completed prior to surgery/treatment to achieve the best result.

It will take approximately 5 hours to watch all of the video lessons in The Dog Cancer Roadmap.

The lessons can also be viewed at 1.25 and 1.5x speed if you're short on time.

Module 3 contains 5 lessons describing individual cancers in detail (lymphoma, mast cell tumor, osteosarcoma, soft tissue sarcoma, hemangiosarcoma). My intention is that you only complete the lesson that corresponds to your dog’s cancer (if your dog has one of these cancers); this will save time when completing the program.

Additional time should be spent reading the 11 PDF guides that accompany various lessons.

This program is intended to provide education and support as a supplement to your dog’s veterinary oncology care. 

I still strongly recommend seeing a veterinary oncologist. They will be able to provide you with treatment options tailored to your dog (after a physical exam and review of your dog's medical records) based on your dog’s cancer, overall health, your goals/tolerance of side effects, treatments available in your area, and your financial situation.

The Dog Cancer Roadmap will help ensure that your limited funds are being spent on the right types of treatments and procedures and that your dog is as comfortable as possible. I have now made more options available (pieces of the course available separately) so that there is an option available for almost every budget.

Yes! You will receive lifetime access to The Dog Cancer Roadmap. This means that you will have access to the current program you purchased and future updates.

We do not currently offer discounts or scholarships. We have prepared a list of resources (this comes with the purchase of The Dog Cancer Roadmap) for financial support for people that have a dog with cancer.

The Dog Cancer Roadmap was created and is delivered by a Board-Certified Veterinary Oncologist (me!), which means that you can trust the information being provided. 

What is also exceptional about this program is that you have access to future updates - so you'll always have the latest information!

Books and online articles don't come with access to a board certified veterinary oncologist who will answer your questions during office hours :)

I believe that the material in The Dog Cancer Roadmap Program is invaluable and will be life-saving many times over. However I do offer a 48-hour refund policy. That is plenty of time to review lessons, PDFs, email me if there are questions, and determine whether this course is the right fit for you.

I've never had anyone request a refund.

You are welcome to join our Office Hours, which are held every other week. Questions are submitted in advance and answered live. If you are unable to attend Office Hours, these sessions are recorded so you can watch the replay.

The Dog Cancer Roadmap

Make the commitment to educate yourself and end the confusion. The information and answers are available to you. You just have to decide that you're ready.  I've helped many people understand their dog's cancer. Let me help you too.

Choose the pricing plan that works best for you.


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"After our dog, Koko, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, we were devastated and had no clue where to start. We spoke with a few oncologists for different opinions, but Dr. Cesario was the best and provided us with outside the box thinking. She went above and beyond and has continued to support us throughout his entire treatment and recovery."

– Lorraine Cayllahua


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