The Truth About Osteoarthritis & How Pain Causes Cancer Progression

with Dr. Duncan Lascelles

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Do you think of arthritis as a disease in old dogs? Would you be shocked if I told you that it actually starts in young dogs? Well you’re not the only one.

Today’s special guest, Dr. Duncan Lascelles, is going to teach us how to recognize the signs of osteoarthritis in young dogs, so that we can give them the best possible care and quality of life. He’s going to talk all about pain in dogs, both chronic pain from arthritis and also cancer pain. I hope you’re ready to learn something new!

Dr. Lascelles is a professor in Small Animal Surgery and Pain Management at NC State. He has a Ph.D. in pain. He did his surgical residency at Cambridge and a surgical oncology fellowship at Colorado State University. He is the only person I know that's board certified not just by the American College of Visionary Surgeons, but also by the Royal Veterinary College and the European College.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

How common osteoarthritis (arthritis) is in dogs and how it affects their quality of life

Why treating pain as soon as possible gives us the best chance at controlling it

How a lack of pain control can actually contribute to cancer progression

Why it's important to learn the signs of osteoarthritis in young dogs

The best approach to treating osteoarthritis

Capsaicin has been shown to decrease pain by "desensitization" and is being looked at as an intra-articular pain management tool

Which supplements are and are not effective

The problem with CBD

Research on decreasing disease progression

There’s a whole lot of information packed into this episode, and it’s especially important if you don’t know how to spot signs of pain in your younger dogs. On top of that, Dr. Lascelles is a wealth of information on treating pain in dogs. I think it’s so interesting to hear what he has to say about pain causing cancer progression in dogs, and that’s certainly something that we need to be learning more about!

I just wanted to remind you about Dr. Lascelles’ Pain in Animals Workshop at the National Institutes of Health as a resource for learning more on this topic. The next one is in planning for 2021 and I think it is worth looking out for, so be sure to make a note of it!

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