Doggie Dental Hygiene & How Your Dog’s Teeth Can Affect Their Quality of Life

with Board Certified Dentist, Dr. Chris Snyder

Welcome back to Your Dog Wants You To Know This!

Don’t we all want our dogs to be comfortable and have the best quality of life possible?

Keeping their teeth and gums healthy is a big, but often overlooked, part of that.

Today, we are joined by Dr. Chris Snyder from the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, and we are talking all things teeth. We'll learn about how to care for our dog's teeth, an online resource for effective dental products, signs of oral pain to be on the lookout for, why tennis balls are bad for toys, anesthesia free dentals, and much more.

Dr. Chris Snyder is joining us from Madison, Wisconsin. He is a board certified veterinary dentist, a clinical associate professor at the University of Wisconsin and a founding fellow of oral and maxillofacial surgery with the American Veterinary Dental College.

If you've ever wanted the opportunity to hear from a board certified veterinary dentist, now's your chance.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

What a veterinary dentist does (as opposed to a general practitioner)

The best thing that you can do for your dog’s dental health and when to start

How often you should be brushing your dog’s teeth

Identifying food, toys, or treats that are good for your pet’s teeth

Why you should avoid tennis balls as toys

How brushing your dog's teeth can help you to catch tumors early

The consequences of poor oral health that you might not expect

How to calm fears of putting your dog under anesthesia

The issues surrounding anesthesia-free dentistry

Signs of oral pain that might not be obvious

We know that we have to look after our own teeth, so why would our pets be any different? A lot of owners don’t know just how much they could improve their dog’s quality of life by keeping up with their dental hygiene, so I hope this episode has been helpful for you.

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