How to Recognize, Treat, and Track Seizures

with Neurologist Dr. Ane Uriarte

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What is a seizure? What does a seizure look like? What are the most common causes of seizures? How do we treat each one?

There are a lot of questions around this, so in this week's podcast neurologist Dr. Ane Uriarte is here to answer them!

Dr. Ane Uriarte Dip ECVN MRCVS DVM is a neurosurgeon and neurologist who treats neurological conditions in dogs, cats, and other animals at Southfields in Essex (England).

Dr. Uriarte recently started an international database of canine epilepsy videos with the goal of better classification and understanding of canine epilepsy. She also developed an app allowing dog owners to monitor and record their dog's seizures (while also contributing to research).

Originally from northern Spain, Dr. Uriarte began her veterinary studies in Spain and transferred to the Veterinary School of Paris (Ecole National Veterinaire d’Alfort) where she obtained her veterinary diploma. After a short period in private practice, she went back to the Veterinary School of Paris (ENVA) to complete a three-year European residency in Neurology (ECVN). She then spent eight years working in London and obtained her RCVS (Recognized Specialist in Neurology). Ane spent three years in Massachusetts working as an assistant professor in Neurology-Neurosurgery at Tufts University while having both research and clinical responsibilities, and has been at Southfields in Essex (England) since 2020.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

What a seizure is

How your dog is not in pain when having a seizure

Whether or not your dog has a seizure or not

The different types of seizures

What to do in the event of a seizure

Common causes of seizures

Breeds that more commonly experience seizures

How a diagnosis is made

Finding a medication that works for you and your dog

Why Dr. Uriarte created an app to track seizures

What to expect from treatment

Help us spread the word about Dr. Uriarte’s app! If you know a family member or friend who has a dog with epilepsy, tell them about the app and how it’s helping us better understand epilepsy in dogs.

I hope that this episode helped you to understand seizures. Whether your dog has experienced them or not, this is very important information to know as a dog owner!

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