8 Resources Every Dog Owner Should Know About

with Dr. Lori Cesario

Welcome back to Your Dog Wants You To Know This!

I know how important it is to you to be prepared with the best tools for your pets, so today I am equipping you with some of the resources that I believe will help you with that.

This episode is going to be a little bit different than usual because I am sharing eight different resources that I think you should know about as a dog owner!

Some of these will be helpful if you have a healthy pet without any diseases or conditions, and some of them will be helpful if your pet has been diagnosed with a disease or condition.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

Where you can go to find the latest treatments and research on a specific disease

How to find out what conditions a specific breed might be prone to

Learning more about herb/drug interactions

How to find a specialist in your area

Resources on how to deal with a difficult diagnosis

Where to get information about hospice and palliative care

Finding support after losing a pet

Where to learn more about cancer

I highly recommend looking through some of those resources when you get a chance! If you’re looking for something specific, I hope this helps you find the information that you need.

Resources Mentioned:

PubMed - Search scientific studies

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals: Browse By Breed - See what genetic diseases/conditions your breed should be screened for

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals: Breed Statistics - See how likely each condition is for each breed

Memorial Sloan Kettering: Search About Herbs - Research interactions and uses of different herbs

Canine Cancer Academy: Finding Clinical Trials For Your Dog - Search for available clinical trials

www.vetspecialists.com - Find a veterinary specialist

Colorado State Argus Institute Counseling and Support Services - Get support after a difficult diagnosis

Podcast Episode 27: Raising Our Standards For Your Dog's Quality of Life w/ Dr. Page Yaxley - Get information about hospice and palliative care

www.pethospice.com - Get information about hospice and palliative care

The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement - Get support after pet loss

The Canine Cancer Academy - Access canine cancer and health articles, podcasts, and guides

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