Radiation Therapy: Treating Cancer, Stimulating The Immune System & Relieving Pain with Dr. Keara Boss

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Today we’re digging in to Radiation Therapy. We’re going to discuss treating cancer, stimulating the immune system and relieving pain for your furry family members.

Did you know that certain types of radiation therapy can actually stimulate the immune system to kill cancer cells, or that one of the main uses for it in veterinary medicine is to improve quality of life and decrease the bone pain associated with cancer?

Today, I’m very excited to have Dr. Keara Boss, DVM, DACVR, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology at the Flint Animal Cancer Center at Colorado State University. She’s going to share with us what radiation therapy can offer today and also what we're excited about for the near future.

In this episode we’ll cover:

Clear up common misconceptions about radiation therapy.

Discuss how radiation works.

Discuss how radiation can help dogs with cancer.

Discuss recent advances and ongoing research and clinical trials.

We discuss the different types of radiation and how each is valuable in oncology

Learn how radiation can actually stimulate the immune system to kill cancer cells

What is flash radiation and the future of radiation therapy

Exciting advances in treating cancer with radiation plus immunotherapy

After Dr. Keara Boss navigated her way through Vet School trying to find her niche, she got the research bug and was fascinated with cancer and all of its complex parts. But it was radiation that really pulled her in because it involved her love of math, physics and really interesting biology. Keara completed her Ph.D. 13 years after college, so many hours of hard work went into getting where she is now.

More people are coming around to radiation therapy and we have so much packed into this episode you’re surely going to want to take a listen and hear all of the new accomplishments in radiation therapy and where the future is going to help treat cancer in our pets. We’re working together in the common goal of curing canine cancer.

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