How to Make Sure Your Dog Gets Uninterrupted Care When You Can’t Access Your Care Provider

with Dr. Lori Cesario

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What would happen if your general practitioner or oncologist had an emergency and you couldn't get in touch with them?

If your dog was feeling sick or really needed a medication refill, would you know what to do or where to go?

Some oncology clinics or general practitioner offices actually had to close for two weeks during COVID.

These are the types of things that we’re dealing with more frequently right now, so I want to make sure that you are as prepared as possible for a similar scenario.

In this episode, I’m walking you through a four-step plan and a list of recommendations that will help you prepare in the case that you don’t have access to your general practitioner or oncologist.

I’m also sharing some questions for you to ask your care provider so that your dog can receive continuous care throughout that time.

If you don’t have an emergency care plan for your dog, this episode is for you.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

Asking your care provider how you can access them in the case of a closure

How to find out where to go in an emergency

Why you should stay ahead on medication refills

What questions to ask to plan in advance

When you might not be able to get a refill without an in-person exam

Knowing how to deal with medication side effects

Why it’s so important to plan ahead

Making sure our pets get the care they need and can stay healthy is a top priority, so I hope this episode helps you with that. Hopefully, you’ll never find yourself in a situation where you can’t access your care provider, but it’s always better to be prepared.

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