Translational Medicine: How Our Environment May Increase the Risk of Cancer for

Dogs and People

with Dr. Lauren Trepanier

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Does our environment increase our risk of cancer?

This is the question that today’s guest, Dr. Lauren Trepanier, is working to answer and understand more fully.

I’m very excited to have her on the podcast to talk all about translational medicine.

Dr. Trepanier will be helping us to learn more about how to decrease cancer risk or why our dogs might have gotten cancer in the first place.

Dr. Trepanier is a professor of internal medicine at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine. She’s assistant dean for clinical and translational research, has a PhD in pharmacology and she is board certified in both veterinary internal medicine and clinical pharmacology.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

Understanding what leads up to the development of cancer

Studies that Dr. Trepanier has done in the past

Environmental elements that can affect cancer development

Studies that Dr. Trepanier has coming up

How these studies could also help us better understand cancer development in humans

Research into bladder cancer in boxers

What measuring chemicals in dogs can tell us about cancer development

Why you should avoid using herbicides on your lawn

Drinking filtered vs unfiltered water

There are so many things in our environment that have the potential to teach us more about why we get cancer and how to prevent it. I’m very grateful for amazing researchers like Dr. Trepanier who are helping us learn more and more.

Thanks for joining us for this discussion and don’t forget to check the resources mentioned if you are interested in Dr. Trepanier’s clinical trials.

Resources Mentioned:

UW Current Veterinary Clinical Studies

Dr. Lauren Trepanier’s email address: [email protected]

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