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with Dr. Page Yaxley

Welcome back to Your Dog Wants You To Know This!

Have you ever considered hospice care for your pet? Did you even know that's an option?

Today we're going to be talking all about palliative and hospice care. And even if you think you might know what it is, I can assure you there will be at least one or two surprises in today's episode.

It's an important and growing area of veterinary medicine, with the goal of helping your dog have more good days. Today's guest, Dr. Page Yaxley, talks about what makes a palliative and hospice care specialist different from your veterinarian or oncologist.

Dr. Page Yaxley is a board-certified criticalist and an assistant professor in the small animal emergency and critical care department at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Page is a founding member and the co-president of the Veterinary Society for Hospice and Palliative Care, the first hospice organization exclusively for veterinarians. She also teaches end-of-life care and communication and has also received many teaching awards.

In Today's Episode, We Discuss:

What palliative and hospice care looks like in the veterinary field

What hospice care is and is not

How a palliative and hospice care specialist might approach things differently

The purpose of palliative and hospice care

Services that a hospice can help facilitate

The biggest differences between a palliative and hospice care specialist and an oncologist or general practitioner

What patients qualify for this type of care

When and how this type of care is beneficial

How to define the quality of life for your pet

I hope this episode helped clear up some misconceptions out there about palliative and hospice care. We all want our pets to be as comfortable and happy as possible, and this can be an amazing way to achieve that.

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