Could Epigenetics Be The Future of Cancer Prevention?

with Dr. Jeff Bryan

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Today we’re talking about how epigenetics could be used to prevent cancer.

We’re not there yet, but the hope is that with enough research, it’s something that we can expect in the future.

We are in good hands today with Dr. Jeff Bryan, Professor of Veterinary Oncology and Faculty Research Lead in Nex Gen Precision Health at the University of Missouri. Dr. Bryan’s specialty is epigenetics.

That word might sound familiar to you, or it might sound completely foreign. In a nutshell, epigenetics is how our experiences affect our DNA. That could be stress, emotional events, foods, environment, exercise, toxic exposures, etc.

What makes this topic so incredibly interesting is that if we can capture, test, and identify some of the epigenetic changes that are associated with specific types of cancer, like lymphoma, then we might be able to reverse them with certain medications or supplements and prevent that cancer from occurring in a specific dog.

That is the focus of a lot of Dr. Bryan’s research, and he’s breaking it all down for us in this episode.

In Today’s Episode, We Discuss:

What epigenetics is

The function of epigenetics in the body

How epigenetics are involved in the development of cancer

Whether or not immune boosters and stimulants can help prevent cancer

What you can do to decrease the risk of your golden retriever getting cancer

How epigenetics could impact the way we treat cancer in the future

Studies that are currently taking place in this field

How epigenetic changes are passed from one generation to another

It sounds complicated, but Dr. Bryan simplifies and explains it all for us. The work that he’s doing is so important, and I’m excited to see what it brings about in the future.

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