Hidden Signs of Allergies (& How To Treat Them)

with Vet Dermatologist, Dr Jennifer Schissler

Welcome back to Your Dog Wants You To Know This!

Did you know that allergies are actually pretty common in dogs?

Today's episode is all about dermatology, specifically allergies, which can have a huge impact on a dog's quality of life.

Allergies are incredibly common in dogs, but many owners don't realize that their dogs have them. It's something that we really want to get better at identifying, because when allergies are appropriately diagnosed and treated, dogs are significantly more comfortable, and you can make fewer trips to the vet.

Today’s special guest is Jennifer Schissler DVM, MS, DACVD, a faculty dermatologist at Colorado State University. She is a 2005 graduate of the Colorado State University professional veterinary program, and completed a dermatology residency at The Ohio State University in 2009. She joined the faculty at CSU in 2011 with a clinical, teaching and research appointment. Her interests include ear infections, skin infections, and hospital infection control to prevent spread of resistant staph bacteria. Above all she enjoys bettering the lives of animals and humans, as well as teaching to make the practice lives of veterinarians more enjoyable.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

Underrecognized signs of skin disease and allergies in dogs

Signs and treatments for flea bite hypersensitivity

Signs and treatments for food allergies

How to narrow down a food allergen

The main potential allergens

How many food-allergic dogs respond to a diet trial

What makes a food trial worthwhile

What breeds have a higher incidence of environmental allergies than others

What the diagnosis of environmental allergy is like

Ways to treat environmental allergies

Antibiotics and resistant infections

What life looks like for a dog with a resistant skin infection

It can be easy to dismiss signs of an allergy in your dog as normal behavior, which is why it’s so important to know what to look for.

It’s evident that treatment for allergies has come a long way, and hopefully will continue to progress and improve, and allow us to give our dogs a better quality of life. At the end of the day, that’s what we’re here to do!

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