Interventional Radiology: Hope For Dogs With Limited Options

with Dr. Bill Culp

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How do you treat a dog when no options seem viable? For some of you, Dr. Bill Culp might have an answer.

Dr. William (Bill) Culp is a board certified small animal surgeon, who has also completed a surgical oncology fellowship at Colorado State University. He currently practices at UC Davis Veterinary Teaching Hospital, with his research focusing on surgical oncology and interventional radiology.

His goal is to improve the quality of life and extend the life of his patients by discovering new ways to use interventional radiology (IR). What am I talking about? Don’t worry, we’ll cover it all in the episode.

The cases that get referred to Dr. Culp are typically those that have had tumors that we just don't otherwise have a lot of hope for. The tumors are either too large for surgery, don't respond well to chemo, don’t respond well to radiation, or a combination of all three. In some cases IR can even help dogs without cancer.

Dr. Culp is doing not only exciting, but also really important work. Today he is sharing the results of his work so far, his current clinical trials, and also talking about what he's most excited for in the next few years.

Join us to find out what interventional radiology is and how it’s bringing hope to previously hopeless cases.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

What interventional radiology is, what it entails, and the different types of applications

Interventional radiology and prostate carcinoma

The improvements that have been observed so far

Interventional radiology and liver tumors

The discovery that more liver tumors are surgical than it might seem

Interventional radiology and nasal tumors

The pros and cons of interventional radiology vs. traditional treatments

In some cases interventional radiology might be riskier than others, but overall research is proving that this could be a great option for dogs that previously had none.

Be sure to take a look at the links below to see what clinical trials are taking place, especially if you think you know of a good candidate.

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