Hemangiosarcoma - New Research & Hope For A Deadly Cancer

with Dr. Erin Dickerson

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Have you ever heard hemangiosarcoma referred to as a death sentence? Well, turns out that might not be entirely true.

Today’s guest, Dr. Erin Dickerson, is here to talk to us about her research into increasing the survival rate for dogs with hemangiosarcoma. And let me tell you, she makes the future look bright!

Hemangiosarcoma is cancer that commonly occurs in the spleen of dogs and unfortunately is usually diagnosed pretty late in the game. Even with treatment, it has a pretty poor prognosis of maybe four to six months with surgery and chemotherapy. I would love to be able to diagnose this disease earlier and have better treatment options for these patients.

Today, Dr. Dickerson is going to talk to us about the latest developments, current trials, what the next few years might look like, and give us some hope for the future.

Dr. Dickerson is an associate professor and researcher at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine and the Masonic Cancer Center. She has dedicated the last two decades to studying hemangiosarcoma and hopes to develop new methods to treat this disease, prolonging patients lives.

In Today’s Episode We Discuss:

What hemangiosarcoma is

How it affects dogs

The most common breeds affected

Warning signs to look for

The stages of hemangiosarcoma

Why it doesn’t have to be an automatic death sentence

The three subtypes of hemangiosarcoma

Studies that Dr. Dickerson is working on

How we might be able to prolong the lives of dogs with hemangiosarcoma

I always love to hear about new ways to improve dogs’ lives, so I hope you tune in to my interview with Dr. Dickerson.

Don’t forget to check out her studies if you think your dog could be a good candidate or if you just want to learn a bit more!

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