How the Golden Oldies Study is Helping Us Understand Cancer in Golden Retrievers

with Dr. Erin Hales

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Remember back in Episode 2 when we talked about the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study? Well today I have some more golden retriever goodness for you. 


My guest for you today is Dr. Erin Hales. She has a PhD in Animal Science from the University of California, Davis, and she is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Morris Animal Foundation where she is leading their Golden Oldies study.


The Golden Oldies Study is a sister study to the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study with the goal of trying to figure out why some golden retrievers live to old age (more than 12 years old) and why some succumb to cancer at an earlier age. 


She's going to talk all about the study, refresh your memory about the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, tell you how you can participate in the Golden Oldies Study if you'd like to and share her passion for research. She is also reviewing all the ways that the Morris Animal Foundation is helping animals all around the world.


In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 

  • How the Morris Animal Foundation helps animals around the world
  • What the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study is and what it hopes to achieve 
  • How the Golden Oldies Study came about 
  • The qualifications to get into the Golden Oldies Study 
  • What to expect if you enroll your dog 
  • What we hope to see as far as results from the study 
  • How samples from these studies are also helping with other research 
  • Why studies take such a long time to complete 


This work is so important, so I am looking forward to reading the research that is published from it. I can’t wait to share more about this study with you in the future!


Resources Mentioned:

Apply for your dog to be a Golden Oldie - Golden Oldies Contact Form | Morris Animal Foundation 

Join the Newsletter - Stay Connected | Morris Animal Foundation 

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