Integrative Oncology Part 2: A Holistic Approach to Cancer

with Integrative Oncologist, Dr. Kendra Pope

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We’re back for Part II of our episode with Dr. Kendra Pope. 


In case you need a re-cap, Kendra is a board certified veterinary oncologist, and is also certified in veterinary acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy, veterinary food therapy, and Tui-na. 


Last week we discussed things like nutrition, misconceptions, and the safety of herbs and supplements. 


Today we’re going to dive even deeper into choosing a safe supplement, how to know if it's reliable, and different types of clinical trials going on right now.


Both episodes with Kendra are definitely worth listening to, so if you didn’t catch it, be sure to go back and listen to last week’s episode too. 


In Today’s Episode We Discuss: 


  • How a ketogenic diet affects different animals and people differently
  • Switching your dog’s diet without discussing it with your veterinarian
  • How the herb St John’s Wort can cause drug interactions 
  • Research suggesting that CBD isolate can interfere with medications 
  • The importance of knowing how the products you purchase are being regulated
  • Tips and tricks for giving your pet supplements 
  • A study on acupuncture in cancer patients 
  • A study on fresh food vs kibble in cancer patients 


It’s been an honor having Kendra here for two whole episodes, and I hope you got as much from these episodes as I did. 


There are very few integrative oncologists in the world, so this was a very cool opportunity to learn more about integrative oncology and how it could help us and our pets.  Be sure to reach out to me and let me know what you thought of this week’s episode.  I love hearing from my listeners! 


Resources Mentioned: 

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American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association

Veterinary Botanical Medical Association

American College of Veterinary Botanical Medicine

GMP Labeling 

NASC Labeling

Sloan Kettering Integrative Medicine Website (Human Herb/Drug Interactions)

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