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This is where you get the tools to navigate a cancer diagnosis, so you can give the best possible care to your beloved dog.

My mission is to educate, support and guide dog owners after a cancer diagnosis. I want you to have all of the tools you need to make the best decisions for your dog - decisions that will allow your dog to live his best life, despite having cancer.

Who Is Dr. Lori?

I'm a Board Certified Veterinary Oncologist living in Southern California. I've treated thousands of pets with cancer and have guided their owners through their own journeys. I'm glad you found me!

The Happy Healthy Dog Guide

This program is your guide to understanding how to decrease your dog's risk of cancer, which breeds are predisposed to certain type of cancer, how to diagnose cancer early, how to keep your dog happy and healthy for as long as possible, and much more. Check it out...

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What is a Veterinary Oncologist?

This is a veterinarian who specializes in treating pets with cancer - a dog cancer expert. To become an oncologist, one must graduate from a 4-year veterinary school, complete a 1-year rotating internship (medicine, surgery, ER), many then complete a 1-year oncology internship, and finally a 3-year oncology residency. To become board-certified, the candidate must pass two board exams and publish original research in veterinary oncology.

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